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2017 Baseball Registration

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2017 Softball Registration

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Getting Help

If you need help with the registration process, click here to submit a request, or contact:

For assistance with Baseball/Softball Registration,

For more information, visit the ALL SAINTS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION website at




We welcome all interested youth to join! You do not need to be a Parish member to play ASAA sports.

CYC Baseball/Softball Spring 2017

Pre-K and Kindergarten - T-ball

1st grade - Coach pitch

2nd grade - Machine pitch

3rd grade and up - Player pitch

Anyone interested in coaching, or assisting, should do so during sign-up.

Baseball/Softball League Fees:

$65 sign-up fee for both baseball and softball.


T-shirts are $25.  Pre-K thru 3rd Grade wear gold All Saints Athletics t-shirts.  This t-shirt is also used during All Saints soccer.

Baseball/Softball jerseys are $45.  4th thru 8th Grade wear a baseball/softball jersey.  Ball caps available for $10.  We do not carry softball visors at this time.

Uniform fees are added at check-out when selected during registration. 

ALL PLAYERS and COACHES are required to obtain a CYC ID Card.  ID Cards are $5.00. A photo and legal document are required to apply on-line. You can apply for a card at the CYC Sports ID Card Website.


WHEN DOES THE SEASON START? Games are expected to start the last week of April.

WHEN/WHERE ARE PRACTICES AND/OR GAMES? Practice dates, times and locations are determined by each coach, however, All Saints reserves practice fields at Sports Center Park. Practices are not allowed on Wednesday nights during the school year because of PSR.

WHEN WILL I HEAR FROM MY COACH? You should hear from your coach in March.

WILL MY CHILD PLAY IN ANY TOURNAMENTS?  Each coach, with team input, determines whether or not to play in tournaments.  All Saints does not host a baseball/softball tournament.

HOW DO I BECOME AN UMPIRE? You must be at least 12 years of age to umpire. Please contact the ASAA Baseball/Softball coordinator.


After you complete your registration you will receive a confirmation email.

For baseball/softball questions, or additional information, please contact John Jones, ASAA Baseball/Softball coordinator.



• Grades 2nd – 4th; Boys and Girls
• Non-Competitive Golf Program for the Beginner.
The goal is to give every child the opportunity to learn and develop their skill in the game of golf. The instructional division (2nd through 4th grade) will consist of five clinics that last 55 minutes followed by 3 weeks of play at the Pitch and Putt Family Golf Center.
The clinics will cover putting, chipping, pitching, full swing and an on-course lesson. The instructor will cover the basic fundamentals of each topic. The instructor will also cover safety procedures and make sure the students abide by the rules. The teacher student ratio will range from 6-8 students per instructor.
The main goal is for the kids to learn the basics of golf, have an enjoyable experience and be safe.
• Professional Golf Instruction – Five 55-minute Team Group Lessons, starting in May Teams limited to 8 Children.
• Play three 9-hole Golf Matches on Mini Course at Golf Headquarters in O’Fallon, beginning when the instructional clinics are over (tentatively starting the beginning of June, 2017
• $110 per Golfer
• The program is only conducted on the weekends.
• Each participant must have own set of junior golf clubs or, at a minimum, a putter, wedge, and 7-iron.
• Grades 5th – 8th ; Boys and Girls
• Competitive Golf Program for beginners and experienced golfers
The competitive division (5th through 8th grade) will consist of four clinics that last 55 minutes followed by 6 weeks of competitive golf. The clinics will cover putting, chipping, pitching and full swing. The instructor will cover the basic fundamentals of each topic. The instructor will also cover safety procedures and make sure the students abide by the rules. The teacher student ratio will range from 6-8 students per instructor.
Professional Golf Instruction: Four 55-minute clinics at Golf Headquarters in O’Fallon, March weather permitting.
• Play Six 9-hole Golf Rounds on Pheasant Run, Hawks Ridge and/or Legends in Eureka, April – June 2017
• Teams will be grouped by grade/gender/experience and will play other teams of like skill; 5th and 6th graders may be grouped together and 7th and 8th graders may be together. (For the rounds of golf, our All Saints teams will be paired up with another parish team, “to play the round”. This involves splitting the team into pairs and playing 2v2 foursomes.)
• $140 per Junior Golfer
• The clinics and the 6 rounds of golf are only conducted on the weekends.
• Each participant must have own set of golf clubs. (At a minimum, a 5th grader would need 4-5 clubs: 5-wood, 7-iron, 9-iron, PW, & putter.)
• Required: 5th – 8th graders need a CYC card and also need to attend the Golf Rules and Etiquette Training. (Seminar attendance will be checked; CYC cards will be checked at end of season tournaments for those who qualify.)
• Each team will need a parent volunteer(s) to be a “Team Leader/ Manager”. (No instruction; just make sure score cards are collected and turned in after each match and keep players and parents in the know if there are any rainouts, changes, etc.; a point of contact for the team.)
• In addition, a parent volunteer “Coach” would be beneficial for the team in organizing the optional trips to the driving range and in pairing up the players for the rounds of golf. Typically, a team’s top 2 players should be pair up with the “top two players of the other team, and so on. (The Coach could be the same person as the Team Leader/Manager or it could a different person.)
• Parent Team Leader/Manager and/or Coach all other participating parents need to attend the Coaching to Make a Positive Difference and the Protecting God’s Children workshops.
• All golf lessons are conducted by PGA Professionals, PGA Apprentices and PGA Pre-Apprentices.
GOLF QUESTIONS? Email Darlene Hofstetter at or call at 636-448-5036.
Links to Important Sites:
Protecting God’s Children Workshops schedule: Click here, then select St. Louis, MO Archdiocese.
Link for CYC ID Cards:
Coaching to Make a Positive Difference:
Archdiocese CYC website:
West County/St. Charles CYC Golf Program link:
This site will eventually be updated with Spring/Summer 2017 Golf information including a list of scheduled (mandatory) Golf Etiquette and Rules Seminars being offered, in addition to schedules and scores for the 2017 season and end of the season tournament information.